Meet the MOUNTAIN Team - Liam

More about Liam

Liam has been part of the team at MOUNTAIN Distilling for just over 3 years. 

Nickname: Leo

Role: Head Distiller

Most enjoyable part about working at MOUNTAIN: Always working on new potential products, and being able to share & enjoy them with the rest of the team.

Favourite MOUNTAIN Product: Red Gum Malt because I am a huge fan of peated spirits and it can be enjoyed in many ways, whether it be neat, over ice or in your favourite cocktail.

Favourite Drink: Spicy Margarita, made with MOUNTAIN’s Agave Blanco, jalapenos, cucumber & some fresh lime juice. I love this drink because it has a bit of a kick from the jalapenos, but it is well balanced out with the cucumber and lime.

Favourite Food Pairing: Any type of Mexican food, because who doesn't love sipping on a few margaritas whilst eating tacos & burritos?! It really is a match made in heaven.

Best Consumed: With my closest friends, listening to music & sharing some banter.

We are so lucky to have Liam as a key innovator of the MOUNTAIN Distilling Team.

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