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Though MOUNTAIN Gin can be enjoyed neat or as part of a gin and tonic, it also provides the perfect underpinning for a variety of cocktails. We’ve selected a few of our favourites below.



• Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour in 60ml MOUNTAIN Gin, 25ml fresh lime juice and 25ml simple syrup

• Stir vigorously with a long cocktail spoon until very cold

• Strain into a chilled coupe, and garnish with a cucumber wheel or lime wedge.


Gin Martini

• 90mL of chilled MOUNTAIN Gin

• Add just a dash of your preferred dry vermouth

• Stir with ice and strain 

• Serve with a citrus twist.


Rosemary Gin Fizz

• 40ml MOUNTAIN Gin

• 20ml Limoncello

• 120ml Soda

• 2 rosemary sprigs - one will be used for muddling, and one for garnish 

• Strip the leaves from one of the rosemary sprigs, place them in a cocktail shaker with the limoncello 

• Muddle gently

• Serve mix with rosemary sprig garnish.