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MOUNTAIN + 'aTree' partnership

MOUNTAIN Distilling partners with conservation group ‘aTree’

A recent partnership has been struck up between MOUNTAIN and central victoria based conservation group 'aTree' which launched late 2019. With one simple vision in mind; to Restore, reconnect, and protect Australia’s forests.

"MOUNTAIN Gin is inspired by locally wild-foraged botanicals and so the Australian forest is in its DNA, but since colonial settlement almost half of our forests have been lost. Partnering with MOUNTAIN is a great way to promote environmental restoration, but also to highlight the diverse benefits we can derive from healthy local ecosystems." -David Reside (aTree)

In aim of our commitment to sustainability, beginning this month MOUNTAIN has commissioned a planting of over 3,000 native trees on dedicated conservation land throughout Victoria through the ‘aTree’ program.

Good news for our MOUNTAIN fans, we have also built this into our online shop, commiting to plant a tree with you for any orders online over $100 (plus free shipping anywhere in Australia)!" -Michael (MOUNTAIN)

Implementing the new initiative has been one of the first milestones resulting from our dedicated social and environmental impact fund that was established from day 1 of starting the distillery.

"Since launching MOUNTAIN, we've been committed to the vision of having positive social and environmental impact through the business, and this is a great first step into that vision for us" -George (MOUNTAIN)