Meet the MOUNTAIN Team - Oscar G

More about Oscar

Oscar has been part of the team at MOUNTAIN Distilling for around 1 year. He has transitioned from a being a packing hand, to now also a bar tender and assistant bar manager for the new MOUNTAIN Bar & Tasting Room.

Nickname: Ozzie 

Role: Assistant Bar Manager and Packaging Hand

Most enjoyable part about working at MOUNTAIN: Learning more about the products and the unique ways we make them.

Favourite MOUNTAIN Product: The Rubens gin because of those sweeter notes.

Favourite Drink: The a Pink Lemonade using MOUNTAIN Vodka - it has enough citrus to squeeze the cheeks, but enough sweetness to soften the sour.

Favourite Food Pairing: The cheese boards my mum and sister make at home.

Best Consumed: With my family - sitting on the back deck talking about our week and having a laugh at the stories from our contrasting work environments.

Please say a friendly 'hi' to Oscar when you come into the MOUNTAIN Bar & Tasting Room.

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